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            College河南福彩app下载s in Mississippi

            Mississippi 河南福彩app下载s of higher education have been governed by the Mississippi Commission on College河南福彩app下载 Accreditation since its establishment in 1972. The commission approves all Mississippi colleges and universities that award degrees or diplomas of graduation to students from 河南福彩app下载s in Mississippi.

            The commission is directed by the Board of Trustees. The twelve Board members are appointed from each of three Mississippi Supreme Court districts so that there are four members from each District. The term of office is nine years. The Board Office headquarters is located in the Education and Research Center of Mississippi. The Commissioner of Higher Education assists the Board in administrating policies and bylaws. Divisions of the Board Office include academic and student affairs, finance and administration, construction and physical affairs, research and planning.

            College河南福彩app下载s in Mississippi offer students many higher education options. The public colleges in Mississippi include eight four-year universities and 15 community and junior colleges. In addition to public Mississippi colleges, there are four private liberal arts colleges and seven private colleges and universities located throughout the state.

            All eight four-year universities in Mississippi offer Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Additionally, six of the universities offer educational specialist degree programs and five have doctoral degree programs. The universities also have excellent research and public service programs. The two-year Mississippi 河南福彩app下载s offer Associate's degrees in a vast array of disciplines as well as prepare students to transfer to a four-year program of higher education.

            Several universities and colleges in Mississippi are recognized as being among the best in the Southern United States and the nation. Among the top 8 are the following:

            Alcorn State University

            Belhaven University

            Delta State University

            Jackson State University

            Mississippi College河南福彩app下载

            Mississippi Valley State University

            Mississippi State University

            University of Mississippi

            Alcorn State University is a small, private Mississippi 河南福彩app下载 located in Lorman. The 河南福彩app下载 offers Bachelor's, Master's and specialists degrees in programs such as liberal arts and sciences, business, education, psychology

            agriculture, applied sciences and more.

            Belhaven is a Christian liberal arts university in Jackson. Undergraduate and graduate classes meet once a week which allows people to have flexibility in work and other schedules.

            Delta State university in Bolivar has a curriculum that includes the arts, humanities and sciences. This university also grants nine Master's degrees and has one doctoral program.

            Jackson State University has programs of study in early childhood and elementary education, management and marketing, entrepreneurship and professional development, sociology and criminal justice, health sciences and planning and engineering.

            Mississippi College河南福彩app下载 is the oldest Baptist college in the nation. It offers majors in several areas including computer science and Christian studies.

            Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Benna is a historically black college that offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in several programs of study.

            Mississippi State University has pre-professional programs in 15 concentrations including veterinary medicine, seminary, nursing, medicine, dental and law.

            The University of Mississippi in Oxford is the state's primary university. It offers a range of Bachelor's and Master's degree and carries out important scientific research.


            In 2012, the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated the gross state product(GSP) of Mississippi to be $98 billion. In 2006, the personal per capita income was listed as $26,908. This is the lowest of all states, but this is offset by the fact that it has the nation's lowest living costs. Admirably, the state's citizens rank consistently as one of the highest per capita in charitable donations. This is perhaps due to repeated natural disasters of flooding that developed a sense of empathy in the residents throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hurricane Katrina later took its toll on the residents.

            The state's rank as being among the poorer states is due to its dependence on cotton crops both before and after the Civil War. Much flooding and late development of the Mississippi bottomlands also contributed to earlier economic woes. Despite hardships, the state made large investments in levees and ditching and draining the bottomlands. Slowly but surely they linked the bottomland towns with river cities by railroad.

            Industrialization finally came to all areas in the state by the late 20th century. The state slowly invested in infrastructure such as public 河南福彩app下载s, road and railroads. However agriculture continued to be the state's main economic support. Agriculture employs about 29 percent of the workforce directly or indirectly. It is a 6.3 billion dollar industry. The state has approximately 41,700 farms that cover 11 million acres. The agriculture industry is significant in all of the state's 82 counties.

            Some of the agricultural outputs in the state include poultry, lumber, soybeans, corn, rice, catfish, cattle, hogs, hay, cotton, milk, peanuts, wheat, sweet potatoes and grain sorghum.

            Many jobs in the state are provided by the government. The trade, transportation and utilities industries also provide jobs for the labor force in Mississippi. Recently, the financial sector has grown in providing employment.

            In 1990, the state legislature voted to legalize casino gambling along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River. This included the resort towns of Gulfport, Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, Tunica, Greenville, Vicksburg and Natchez. Additionally, Federally recognized Native Americans have opened casinos on their reservations. These casinos are helping to build revenue for economic support and education.

            Despite economic and natural disasters of the past, the state of Mississippi appears to be well on its way to recovery providing a great place to live, work, study and play.

            Found 67 Post-Secondary Schools In Mississippi

            Title City State Type Enrollment
            Academy of Hair Design Four Pearl MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 48
            Academy of Hair Design One Grenada MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 40
            Academy of Hair Design Three Jackson MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 76
            Alcorn State University Alcorn State MS 4-year public 2936
            Antonelli College河南福彩app下载 Hattiesburg MS 2-year private, for-profit 215
            Antonelli College河南福彩app下载 Jackson MS 2-year private, for-profit 215
            Belhaven College河南福彩app下载 Jackson MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 1594
            Blue Mountain College河南福彩app下载 Blue Mountain MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 371
            Board of Trustees - State Insts of Higher Learning Jackson MS Central office or Administrative Unit No Data
            Booneville Academy of Cosmetology Booneville MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            Chris Beauty College河南福彩app下载 Gulfport MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 139
            Coahoma Community College河南福彩app下载 Clarksdale MS 2-year public 277
            Commercial Driver Institute Inc Gulfport MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            Cooks Institute of Electronics Engineering Jackson MS 4-year private, for-profit No Data
            Copiah - Lincoln Community College河南福彩app下载 Wesson MS 2-year public 1885
            Copiah - Lincoln Community College河南福彩app下载 - Natchez Campus Natchez MS 2-year public 779
            Creations College河南福彩app下载 of Cosmetology Tupelo MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 57
            Delta Beauty College河南福彩app下载 Greenville MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 121
            Delta State University Cleveland MS 4-year public 3875
            Douglas Aviation Inc Olive Branch MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            East Central Community College河南福彩app下载 Decatur MS 2-year public 2291
            East Mississippi Community College河南福彩app下载 Scooba MS 2-year public 2534
            Final Touch Beauty School Meridian MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 69
            Fosters Cosmetology College河南福彩app下载 Ripley MS 2-year private, for-profit 32
            Gibson Barber and Beauty College河南福彩app下载 West Point MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 60
            Harris School of Cosmetology Columbus MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            Hinds Community College河南福彩app下载 Raymond MS 2-year public 16032
            Holmes Community College河南福彩app下载 Goodman MS 2-year public 3022
            Ics the Wright Beauty College河南福彩app下载 Corinth MS 2-year private, for-profit 17
            Itawamba Community College河南福彩app下载 Fulton MS 2-year public 3467
            J & J Hair Design College河南福彩app下载 Carthage MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 49
            Jackson College河南福彩app下载 of Ministries Jackson MS 4-year private, not-for-profit No Data
            Jackson State University Jackson MS 4-year public 6820
            Johns Cosmetology School Hattiesburg MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            Jones County Junior College河南福彩app下载 Ellisville MS 2-year public 4514
            Kc S School of Hair Design Pontotoc MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            Magnolia Bible College河南福彩app下载 Kosciusko MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 37
            Magnolia College河南福彩app下载 of Cosmetology Jackson MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 78
            Mary Holmes College河南福彩app下载 West Point MS 2-year private, not-for-profit 292
            Meridian Community College河南福彩app下载 Meridian MS 2-year public 3096
            Millsaps College河南福彩app下载 Jackson MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 1280
            Mississippi College河南福彩app下载 Clinton MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 3423
            Mississippi College河南福彩app下载 of Beauty Culture Laurel MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 40
            Mississippi Delta Community College河南福彩app下载 Moorhead MS 2-year public 2673
            Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College河南福彩app下载 Perkinston MS 2-year public 8768
            Mississippi State University Mississippi State MS 4-year public 16561
            Mississippi University for Women Columbus MS 4-year public 2814
            Mississippi Valley State University Itta Bena MS 4-year public 2687
            North Mississippi Medical Center Medical Tech Prog Tupelo MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 5
            Northeast Mississippi Community College河南福彩app下载 Booneville MS 2-year public 2796
            Northwest Mississippi Community College河南福彩app下载 Senatobia MS 2-year public 4776
            Pearl River Community College河南福彩app下载 Poplarville MS 2-year public 2800
            Pearl River Community College河南福彩app下载 - Forrest County Ctr Hattiesburg MS 2-year public No Data
            Rust College河南福彩app下载 Holly Springs MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 853
            Southeastern Baptist College河南福彩app下载 Laurel MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 11
            Southwest Mississippi Community College河南福彩app下载 Summit MS 2-year public 1651
            State Board for Community and Junior College河南福彩app下载s Jackson MS Central office or Administrative Unit No Data
            Tougaloo College河南福彩app下载 Tougaloo MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 1000
            Traxlers School of Hair Jackson MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit 79
            University of Mississippi Main Campus University MS 4-year public 12118
            University of Mississippi Medical Center Jackson MS 4-year public 1674
            University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg MS 4-year public 14509
            Vaughns S Beauty College河南福彩app下载 Aberdeen MS Less than 2-year private, for-profit No Data
            Wesley Biblical Seminary Jackson MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 78
            Wesley College河南福彩app下载 Florence MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 85
            William Carey College河南福彩app下载 Hattiesburg MS 4-year private, not-for-profit 2402
            Wood College河南福彩app下载 Mathiston MS 2-year private, not-for-profit 194

            Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.