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            College河南福彩app下载s in Montana

            Schools in Montana for higher education include 15 Montana colleges that comprise the state's university system. In addition to the university system, there are seven tribal Montana 河南福彩app下载s for higher education, three private, nonprofit colleges in Montana and three community colleges.

            Each of these subsystems have campuses scattered across the state. The main campus has a university President. Chancellors are administrators at the three smaller units. The community colleges have Deans or Chief Executive Officers. Each of these Montana colleges may set their own curriculum but must have approval from the Board of Regents.

            The central administrative unit of the university system is the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. The Commissioner and his staff serve the Board of Regents and the executive and legislative branches of government as well as students and the rest of the public.

            The Montana University System was established in 1994. The Board of Regents restructured Montana colleges and universities in order to streamline higher education due to decreased state funding.

            The five best Montana colleges are the University of Montana, Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana State University in Billings, Flathead Valley Community College河南福彩app下载 and Great Falls College河南福彩app下载 of Technology.

            The University of Montana in Missoula is nationally recognized and ranks among the best colleges in the Western United States. The university was founded in 1893 and is comprised of five colleges and five 河南福彩app下载s. The five colleges include the Arts and Science College河南福彩app下载, the Davidson Honors College河南福彩app下载, the College河南福彩app下载 of Forestry and Conservation, the College河南福彩app下载 of Technology and the Health Professions and Bio-medical Sciences College河南福彩app下载. The five 河南福彩app下载s are the School of Education, School of Fine Arts, School of Journalism, the School of Business Administration and the School of Law.

            Montana State University, Bozeman is often listed as one of the nation's top universities in educational reviews. This university is noted for excellence in graduate and undergraduate education in liberal arts. It offers programs in the sciences, agriculture, education, engineering, architecture, nursing and health and human development.

            Montana State University, Billings offers Bachelors and Masters degrees through six different 河南福彩app下载s. The area is a corporate and commercial hub that has numerous job opportunities for students and interns. The 河南福彩app下载 was founded in 1927 and has offered a world-class education over the decades.

            Flathead Valley Community College河南福彩app下载 in Kalispell is located 30 minutes from Glacier National Park. Students study on a beautiful campus with access to skiing, hiking and biking.

            Great Falls College河南福彩app下载 of Technology is the state's best technology 河南福彩app下载. It offers programs of study in health sciences, technology, business and general education. It also has a good online program.


            In 2012, the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated Montana's gross state product(GSP)at$50.7 billion and the per capita personal income at $32,149. This ranked it 46th in the nation.

            The state is a hub for beer micro-brewing and ranked third in the nation in 2011 for the number of breweries per capita. Lumber and mineral extraction is a significant industry. Resources for extraction include coal, gold, silver vermiculite and talc.

            Tourism is very important to this state's economy, Glacier National Park, the site of the Battle of Little Big Horn, Flathead Lake, the Missouri River headwaters and five entrances to Yellowstone National Park are visited by millions of people annually from the US and around the worked.

            Personal income tax in Montana has seven brackets that range from one percent to 6.9 percent. Citizens pay no sales tax. The current unemployment rate is relatively low at 5.6 percent. It is a great state to live, go to 河南福彩app下载 and work in.

            Found 2 Post-Secondary Schools In Montana

            Title City State Type Enrollment
            Carroll College河南福彩app下载 Helena MT 4-year private, not-for-profit No Data
            University of Montana - Western Dillon MT 4-year public No Data

            Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.